Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mobility Hub

Southie & South End cyclists, we need your help in speaking up for improved cycling infrastructure at the MassDOT owned property at the base of the Broadway & West 4th Street Bridges. As you know, there are precious few ways in & out of South Boston, and since this area is going under construction soon we will have to live with whatever gets constructed there for a long loooooooong time.

Attend the public meeting and speak up for safer cycling!
Monday February 24th, at 6:00pm
Project Place - 1145 Washington St, South End, Boston MA (above Myers & Chang restaurant)
Check out our Facebook Event where you can easily invite your cyclist friends to attend.

MassDOT is building a 400+ car parking lot called the "Mobility Hub" which will improve the desolate, crime ridden area known as The Stacks below the elevated highway. The parking lot will offer a measure of improvement over the current eyesore because it will add much needed lighting and help activate the space which should reduce the rampant crime in that area.  What we need to do is make sure this 'hub of mobility' doesn't become a place for cars only. We have a copy of the current schematic plan, and there is a lot left to be desired for cycling improvements.

Anyone who wants to hang out and talk bikes afterward is welcome to enjoy post meeting dumplings at Myers & Chang!

See you at the meeting!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks

Late November is the time of year when we pause to remember the things we appreciate. As people who choose pedal powered vehicles to get around Boston, we have much to be thankful for.

Today we reflect back to the past year in cycling here in South Boston, we are most appreciative of the improvements to bicycle infrastructure around the neighborhood, and the support we have received by the people who live here.

Here are some of the noteworthy highlights:

  • Bike lanes on A Street 
  • Buffered bike lanes on D Street
  • Contra-flow bike lane in two places on D Street (allows cyclist to legally & safely ride the opposite direction of motor vehicle traffic.... first contra-flow in the city of Boston!)
  • The friends, family, and complete strangers who attended the ride to remember fallen cyclist Tanya Connolly.
  • Fundraising donations for local charity.  Members of Southie Bikes rode the Rodman Ride, proceeds went to benefit the kids at the South Boston Neighborhood House.
  • HUBWAY stations! (among the most heavily used in all of Boston!)
  • Proposed cycletrack slated for Summer Street next year.
  • Bike supportive businesses. (Foodies installing bike racks, and MyBike for moving to a more visible & convenient location).
  • The proposed cycletrack, which is a bike lane that is physically protected from motor vehicle traffic) that will be installed on Summer Street next year.
  • Very very very thankful that no cycling fatalities occurred in South Boston this past year.
  • We are thankful every time we see drivers using extra care when sharing the road.
  • We are thankful every time we see cyclists riding safe and obeying the traffic laws that keep them safe.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 
Southie Bikes

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Candidates Bike Agenda

The field has been narrowed down to two mayoral candidates: Marty Walsh, & John Connolly.  Both are clearly strong candidates for the position of Mayor, and both genuinely care about this great city. 

As a cycling advocacy group, we are compelled to point out each candidate's bicycle infrastructure agenda. 

Here is the only snippet on bicycles that we could find on Marty Walsh's website:

"Promote a Livable City – projects will be designed to ensure that residents live in communities where they can walk, bike, or take public transit to essential services. Other goals are to ensure that bicyclists and pedestrians are safe in our neighborhoods and on our roadways, and that congestion is reduced by eliminating cut-through traffic."

We are a bit concerned when we bicyclists & pedestrians are listed as a barely a footnote and lumped into "other goals" in his transportation priorities.  Barely a half sentence of Walsh's attention go to safer cycling and no mention on how he intends to make any safety improvements.  We sincerely hope that Walsh will come forward with more to say on bicycle improvements in Boston before we all vote in November.

John Connolly has more to say on the subject of bicycling, complete streets & transportation choices:

"A bright future for Boston depends on having a true mix of safe, reliable, affordable transportation options, so that residents and visitors will have choices about how to get around town. My transportation plan will help to strengthen our economy and make our city more environmentally sustainable.

As mayor, I will:
- Prioritize ‘Complete Streets’ planning;
- Prioritize cycle tracks in the city’s capital budget;
- Expand the Hubway bike share program;
- Promote transit-oriented development;
- Improve safety at intersections for pedestrians;"

John Connolly hits the nail on the head. The point here is "Complete Streets", Safety, and providing a transportation network that will allow people to have CHOICES on how they get around in the city.

There are many issues to consider before casting your vote.  Transportation equality & safety is a high priority for cyclists.  If you are a cyclist, or if you have friends / family who ride bikes, then please consider their safety before casting your vote in November.  So the question is: Which candidate do you believe will do the most to ensure the safety of our more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians & cyclists?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bike Lane Meeting - CANCELLED

It has always been the position of Southie Bikes to listen to the constructive feedback from the people in the neighborhood. We received plenty of great ideas for how to make bike lanes work well in Southie, and we look forward to incorporating those ideas into the design going forward. There is more work to be done, and given Boston's rapidly changing political landscape the meeting will be deferred to a future date.

Planet Southie, Southie Bikes, Chamber of Commerce, and City Councilor Bill Linehan have more work to do toward common understanding.

Ride safe everyone! 
Southie Bikes

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Second Public Meeting for Bike Lanes on Broadway

Southie Bikes is preparing for a second public meeting for bike lanes on West Broadway, and we NEED YOUR HELP.  The only way to get this much needed safety improvement is to have a large showing of support from everyone who sees the value in making the road safer for everyone.

Meeting is Monday September 16th, at 6:00pm
200 D Street in South Boston (Condon School)

We are expecting a larger turnout from the opposition than at the last meeting, which is why we are asking that you please make time in your busy schedule to make it to the meeting.  Attendance is key. Democracy is for those who show up & speak up.

See you there,
Southie Bikes

Friday, August 2, 2013

More about bike lanes!

A few more reasons why bike lanes on Broadway are a great idea!

- Hubway.  Yup, we're getting a few more stations in our neighborhood this September which means more residents & visitors will be out there riding around, and you can be sure that many will be riding on Broadway to visit our numerous shops and restaurants!

- Economy.  Broadway is where the action is, and that's where bikers tend to flock.  Statistics have shown that bike lanes on commerce dense areas boost retail sales because cyclists & pedestrians tend to make more frequent stops. (because it's easy for us to pull over and shop shop shop!)

- Health.  Physical activities such as riding a bicycle has proven health benefits.  Reduced stress levels, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease & diabetes.  Plus all these other health benefits.

- Predictability.  Bike lanes help drivers too!  Having a defined space on the road that is just for bikes really helps drivers know where to expect bicyclists, and can better anticipate a cyclists next move.  Many drivers are afraid of accidentally hitting a bicyclist, and a bike lane will help everyone drive and ride more predictably.

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